Heroes Mechanical Inc.


We offer the following services...


     -Hot water tank service/installations

     -Installation - Bradford White brand

     -We offer maintenance, repair, replacement and new installation of all plumbing fixtures

           -faucets, showers, toilets, fridge lines, hose bibs....


     -Furnace service/installations

     -Installation - York Furnace

     -Garage Heater service/installations

     -Installation - Modine Hot Dawg Heater

     -We offer regular maintenance of all gas-fired appliances 

        - furnaces, fireplaces....

    -We can add or replace gaslines for BBQ outlets or any gas fired appliance

                    **We include permits with any gas related quotation**

Air Conditioning


     -Installation - York brand

Drain Cleaning & Inspection Services

    -Unclog sewer

    -Unplug fixtures

And much more....